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Blood in the Bluegrass

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Horsewoman and novelist Virginia Slachman has crafted a fast-paced tale of mystery, highlighted by drugs, murder, love and family, against a backdrop of Bluegrass traditions. Action packed from the get-go and filled with unique characters, the book is hard to put down as it races headlong at full speed to the finish line.

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Harper had put the past behind her. Or so she thought. Fleeing the flashy, high dollar world of Kentucky horse racing for NYC, she’d been content living the life of a successful painter. But escape isn’t an option after the accidental death of her sister sends her back to the Bluegrass, a horse racing world filled with hope and heartbreak. As the body count rises at Eden Hill, Harper becomes convinced her sister’s death was no accident. Probing more deeply, Harper realizes Paris’ death is tied to a dark and deadly secret, one she discovers is why her racehorses are dying. Solving her sister’s murder and saving her family’s stud farm will take every ounce of Harper’s wit and courage. When seven skeletons are discovered on the grounds, and the barn with her best Kentucky Derby prospects is set on fire, Harper bears down to find the killer. The problem is, the culprit could be anyone: Is it JD, her childhood sweetheart, Marshall, their long-time trainer, or is it their nasty neighbor Red Cole, in partnership with her family for generations? Someone is on a killing spree, and though Harper doesn’t know why, she is sure of one thing—the murderer is someone she’s known and trusted her whole life.


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The Lost Ode

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Literary scholar and amateur sleuth Julia has stumbled on a family secret . . . a secret steeped in the history of Kentucky’s thoroughbred country and linked to the descendants of poet John Keats and his brother George. When the owner of Brookfield Stud, Gray Burke, is arrested for homicide, Julia is left to solve the murder and prove his innocence while following the trail to the Keats’s lost fortune. Solving the murder may lead to love and treasure, but has Julia back the wrong horse in believing Gray Burke’s innocence?

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Saturday, August 31, 2013                             Penned in St. Louis by Jane Henderson: Virginia Slachman



Virginia Slachman, an adjunct professor at Washington University, has published her first novel, “The Lost Ode” (Cooper Dorian Books). The Lafayette Square resident says she loves the “intellectual puzzles at the heart of most good mysteries.”


Your first novel is a mystery set in Kentucky. Why there? • I was teaching at the University of Cincinnati when the idea for this book occurred to me. Kentucky bluegrass country, the largest and best thoroughbred breeding area in the country, is right over the river. Through a few contacts, I was able to actually live on a breeding farm to do my research.


Tell me about your heroine. • Julia is an academic who meets Gray Burke, the young, handsome owner of the stud farm where the action takes place. Her knowledge of the poet John Keats and his brother helps her search for a lost fortune noted in a journal she receives from the Burkes and aids in her solving murders taking place on the breeding farm.


How are you involved with racehorses? • I do volunteer work at a thoroughbred rescue facility — there are over a hundred racehorses that have come off the track due to injuries and various other reasons. We work with them one-on-one to help move the horses to a new life beyond the track.


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Virginia and Dorian

Animal Kingdom and Corredor dela Isla (Dorian).

Virginia with Samson, a Gray Percheron resuce.