Equine-Assisted Coaching Workshops


                    What is EAC?

                          Collaborative               Experiential

Equine-Assisted Coaching is a collaborative, experiential training method

using horses as partners for personal and professional growth and

development.Working with horses, clients engage in ground exercises

targeted toward achieving client-defined goals. Our workshops serve the

corporate client, veterans and their families, as well as at-risk populations

such as human trafficking survivors and at-risk adolescents and their



               Immediate Feedback               Client-Defined

The advantage of EAC is its immediacy, its client-driven nature, and the profound awareness and behavior changes clients experience. There is no riding involved, nor is any horse experience necessary.  We individually design our workshops to meet client goals, and also provide pre-set workshops focusing on communication skills, leadership, and teamwork. The work involves ground-based activities that offer opportunities to develop:

                                                                                  Authenticity and Empowerment

                                                                                  Productive communication skills

                                                                                  Trust and Self-Awareness

                                                                                  Team cohesion

                                                                                  Assertiveness and confidence

                                                                                  Creative thinking and problem-solving skills

                                                                                  Leadership skills

                                                                                  Productive personal and workplace relationships

                                                                                  Collaboration across vertical and horizontal

                                                                                  organizational boundaries


                                                             Why Use Horses?

There is a paradigm shift in our midst. It’s typified by a shift in our ways of

attending-- from ego to empathy, from ‘power over’ to ‘power with,’

from separation to synchronicity, from fear to courage. Giles Hutchins

Horses are much like us—they live in social communities, they need

leadership, they look out for the collective and individual welfare. But

unlike us, they don’t operate through a cultural “filter” so they respond

to us with complete honesty. And because they’re prey animals, they’ve

 spent millennia honing sensitivity, alertness, and survival skills--they’re

non-verbal experts and will pick up any dissonance you bring to interactions

with them, even inconsistencies you’re not aware you’re expressing.


They’re also experts at responding in the moment so you’ll get immediate feedback about whether what you’re actually saying—in body language, words, and actions—is what you intend to say, or think you’re saying. Partnering with horses in our workshop exercises allows you to refine your emotional responses, attitudes, non-verbal messages, and actions. You’ll get on-the-spot opportunities to change non-productive attitudes and behaviors into productive ones. Taking these into your personal life or the workplace will make you more effective and productive.

                                                                Our Workshops 

Designed to foster self-awareness, confidence, authenticity, and empowerment through:

Individually Designed Workshops 

We know there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to individual and group progress.

After an initial assessment and interview, we'll design a proprietary workshop to

meet your specific needs and goals--one tailored to address your concerns and 


        Examples Might Include:


Authenticity and Empowerment

Through exercises focused on building somatic intelligence, we help clients reclaim

an authentic self. Then we build on that, developing a higher emotional intelligence IQ, allowing clients to gain a sense of self-efficacy--a positive, optimistic understanding that, whatever the challenge before them, they are equipped to meet it.


Self-Confidence and Communication Skills 

Hidden agendas, false confidence, insecurity, incongruities in what we think we’re saying and what our body language actually says are ultimately ineffective. Over and over, we can undercut our own progress and success, and the root of the issue is that we really aren’t in touch with who we are. Getting to know our authentic selves empowers us naturally, and being self-aware is the first step. Our horses are experts at helping clients uncover roadblocks to self-discovery and self-actualization, and overcoming them. Then clients send clear messages and the horses provide immediate reinforcement. You’ll end up feeling centered and empowered and conveying exactly what you mean to others.

Leadership Skills

Leadership is not the same as management. We explore the differences and provide opportunities to tap into traits of effective leadership. You’ll also exercise and improve your “Emotional Intelligence”—a key component to success. Increasing your skill set means you’ll be better able to lead diverse sorts of employees, groups, and teams, no matter what sort of "team" you're leading. This is especially important in the corporate world, where organizations have increasingly flattened corporate structures.


Team Cohesion

Our workshops target team member autonomy, contribution, and recognition. Establishing a climate of trust, productively managing goal and process tasks, promoting flexibility and creative problem solving all contribute to team cohesion. Our exercises promote buy-in on team identity, and that translates into successful teams and successful projects, whether the team you're on is an athletic, personal, educational, or corporate one.